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OgInsta or OgInsta+ is an unofficial Instagram client. You may familiar with this app because it has same interface as Instagram. Contain all the features of Instagram with extra useful features. With this app you can have another Instagram account on same phone. Experience new and cool features of OGInsta by downloading it.


Download OGInsta plus for free

Name: OgInsta+ (OGinstagram)
Size: 25.3 MB
version: v10.14.0
Last Updated: May 11, 2018
Ratings: 5+

Some search for plus version of OgInstagram. Actually there is no good version of OgInsta plus. Both refers to same app called OgInsta. Synonyms used are Oginsta+ , OgInsta++, Oginsta plus. As Instagram plus no need to uninstall Instagram app before installing OGInstall. You can install and keep both OgInsta and Instagram. So that you can have two Instagram accounts on one phone. Thats why OgInsta is much more popular among Android users.


OgInsta Features
#1 - Download anyone's image

On Instagram you have to share image in order to keep it. With OgInsta you can download anyone's image directly to your phone. No need to share.

Oginsta download image oginsta downloading image

#2 - Download anyone's video.

You can easily download any video you saw on Instagram to you phone. You can watch them later offline.

#3 - Zoom images

If want closer look on images you can't do that with Instagram. With this app you can easily zoom in and out images.

oginsta zoom images

#4 - Zoom profile pictures.

You can zoom your and other's profile pictures.

#5 - Download Stories.

You can download others stories.

oginsta download story

#6 - You can see who is following

oginsta who follows you

There are lot more features comes with OgInsta or OgInsta+. Download today and experience new features.


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